Welcome to the Then Poovaga Tamil Sangam- TPTS- (Previously South Florida Tamil Sangam) , an secular organization devoted to anyone in West Palm, Broward, Miami Dade Counties and surrounding cities, who has an interest in Tamil language and culture. Tamil people have organized activities in and around this area for the past 15-20 years, but a formal Tamil Sangam was formed in 2000. TPTS is a charitable Organization and are tax exempt under section 501(c)(3).

Unite and be Organized: The primary mission of TPTS aspirations would be to bring together the fragmented community members across the South Florida area, to work on the promotion and perpetuation of Tamil language and culture by organizing social and cultural events, celebrating major Tamil festivals, participation in and sponsorship of charitable causes. Membership in the Tamil Sangam is open to anyone who has an interest in Tamil language and culture. Your contribution towards a membership in the Sangam will help us to go a long way in organizing varied programs of general interest to the Tamil community.

New members: Identify first time attendees (from ticketing system) and extend them a warm welcome. Remember, building relationships and providing a positive experience for new members to the community. Host one off events that involve family members (spouses, siblings, parents, and grown-up children). Demonstrating a family-oriented approach can attract new members.

Establish transparency: We embrace transparency, Financial Status, Lessons Learnt and Feedback that follow an event.

Surveys: Send surveys and solicit feedback on overall TPTS activities and after every program for continuous improvement


Balance Sheet: Publish once a year balance sheet on the website for Registered Members after presenting in Annual general Body Meeting once a year held around December 15th or as published by Then poovaga Tamil Sangam


Participation:   Open and standard process in selecting performers / participants for TPTS programs. Building relationships and providing a positive experience to all members. 


Expand our ecosystem: Gain concurrence to build an emotional commitment to care for things important to one and all


Then Poovaga Tamil Sangam is governed by Officers & "Board of Directors". The Board of Directors are mainly involved in the process of policy making. The  President shall act  as the  Chairman of the  Board  of Director.  Officers & Board of Directors will serve for a period of 2 years (2024-2025) following which a new team is elected into office.





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