To cultivate, promote, foster, and develop knowledge in Tamil language, literature, culture, leadership, and charity among Tamil-speaking families, especially children.


To promote fellowship among all Tamil-speaking people and promote harmony and unity in preserving Tamil culture, language, and literature.  


To preserve and protect the interest and integrity of Tamil culture and foster the exchange of ideas and understanding between the people of Tamil culture and charitable activities.




 1. Cherish and Nurture the Youth Talents
 2. Celebrate and Foster the Virtues of Senior Community
 3. Cultivate and Facilitate Health and Wellbeing
 4. Stimulate and Propagate the Growth of Tamil Arts, Sports, and Culture
 5. Augment Investment Strategies and Wealth Management 
 6. Innovate the IT platform for Everyone in Our Community to Connect, Collaborate and Support
 7. Support Other Non-Profit Local Communities