Adult Cooking Contest Rules:

Theme: Parampariya Unavu Samayal / Naattupura Samayal (Tamil traditional food)
• To participate, please register at
• Cooks are to prepare the food item at home and display it at the venue.
• Please bring the prepared food item before 1.30 pm.
• Judging will happen between 1.30pm-1.45 pm.
• One item per person.
• Food items can be prepared using any type of traditional grains and spices and vegetables.

Vegetarian items ONLY.
• A panel of judges will taste every entry. Judging panel’s decision will be final.

Criteria for Judging:
1. Flavor/Taste – 5 Pts
2. Texture/Consistency-2 Pts
3. Complexity/Effort – 1 Pt
4. Visual Appeal/Presentation – 1Pt
5. Adherence to the theme- 1 Pt
For any questions, please email us @